Concrete CMS 8.5.15 and 9.2.6 are Now Available!

Hot on the heels of version 9.25, Concrete 9.2.6 is now available.

9.2.6 contains some fixes for issues with our rich text editor, CKEditor. For more information on this specifically, check out CKEditor 4.22.1 and Concrete CMS Security Updates

For the full list of what’s changed, check out 9.2.6 Release Notes :: Concrete CMS

Although none of these issues are critical security concerns, we deemed it necessary to prioritize this update. The message displayed within the Concrete rich text editor could potentially mislead users into believing that Concrete was vulnerable to certain threats, which was not accurate.

Additionally, we’re also making 8.5.15 available. 8.5.15 features these same updates, along with some other minor changes: