Concrete CMS 9.0.2 Coming Next Week

We wanted to do something we don’t do very often – give you a heads up about an upcoming release!

We’re happy to announce that Concrete CMS 9.0.2 is scheduled for release next Monday. This release has many bug fixes, improvements to localization under version 9, and many other minor improvements.

If you have any pull requests for minor items that you’ve been sitting on that are ready, now would be a good time to open them up. Can’t promise they’ll make it into 9.0.2 but I’m actively reviewing a number of still open items.


Thanks for the updated Andrew. I think I’m going to wait till 9.2 to build out new sites with V9. That way most major bug fixes should be found.

@andrew here’s one I just posted.

And here’s the fix

I’m double posting it here since time seems to be of the essence.

Another one