Concrete CMS 9.1.2 is Now Available!

Happy to report that Concrete CMS 9.1.2 is now available! This release has a surprising amount of updates packed in it, including:

  • Support for chunking file uploads returns to the file manager, along with a new Upload Settings Dashboard page to enable configuration of this feature.
  • Basic support for webp images in the file manager
  • Improved scrolling performance when dragging blocks into the Atomik theme
  • Ability to toggle password visibility when adding users.
  • Improved security and configuration usefulness when using Mercure
  • Many bug fixes for improved PHP 8.1 compatibility

and much more!

There’s too much to go into here, so check out the release notes for all the updates:

9.1.2 will be hitting the remote updater early next week. You can download 9.1.2 from Download :: Concrete CMS - Org or from Composer.


@andrew thanks for providing us updates, do you have any plans for releasing PHP 8. support for C5 v8.5.X?