Concrete CMS 9 CONCRETE cookie value change

Hello team,

I recently installed concrete 9 successfully on our web server. I tried logging in with the admin credentials that I created during the setup and I was able to log in. I refreshed the page and I was logged out.

I checked the browser for the site cookie and I noticed that when I login, the CONCRETE cookie value changes after a second and when I refresh the page, I am no longer logged in.

I am using Cloudflare for the DNS. I created a page rule and cache rule that will prevent Cloudflare from caching the site, but I am still facing the same issue.

Any suggestion on this will be helpful. Thanks!

Try this. Go to:


and turn off “Log out user if their IP changes”

Thank you very much, your suggestion fixed the issue.

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It really should be the default setting but alas, it is not.

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