Concrete CMS Update page using Board

I’ve been thinking about how to approach returning users to Concrete CMS website.

Concrete CMS website is designed really good for 1st time visitors.
But not really good for retuning users who wants to know about the updates.
Right not, it’s only slack, YouTube and this forum.

It’s hard to find updated news and what PortlandLabs wants to tell returning users what their latest updates.

Until now, I’ve given up speak out because everybody has a priority.

But I’ve realized V9 has Board feature.
It would be really nice to demo Board feature, and will benefit to Concrerete users.

Just a idea throwing.

we’ve got a “most recent 3 blog posts” stripe that is in the mix for the home page next time we push code to the community site. That should help getting news infront of returning users.

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