Concrete5 - 9.0.1- CMS.CSS

Hello everyone,
I just installed the new version of concrete. After installing my own theme, by going to one of the pages, the fonts are huge.

The problem comes from the cms.css which has the following style: html.ccm-toolbar-visible {font-size: 16px}.

How solved this problem that there was not on the old versions of concrete?

Thanks everyone.

The concrete blocks5 are inside my container.
In publishing, everything explodes.

Thank you for your help.

Try adding the html.ccm-toolbar-visible css style to your theme css file and if necessary add the !important declaration to prevent the concrete/css/cms.css file from over-riding it.

Thank you for your reply.

Concrete blocks are found in my content and my css takes precedence over concrete css.
Is this normal?

CSS are Cascading Style Sheets and they are read by the browser from top to bottom with the first one it encounters at the top and the last one at the bottom.
The last declaration for any given style element will be the one that the browser will use, unless the declaration has !important appended to it.

So for example, if you have several declarations for a H1 element like these H1 {font-size:12px} and H1 {font-size:14px} and H1 {font-size:16px}, whichever is the last one the browser reads will be the one it will use.
However, if you have for example H1 {font-size:12px!important} then the browser will use this important one (or the last important one it encounters).

So for your theme’s css to take precedence it would have to be read by the browser after the other css files, if it is not the last one to be read by the browser then you could append the !important declaration.