Concrete5 books

Are the books “Concrete5 Beginners Guide” and “Creating Concrete5 Themes” from 2013 still relevant or are they too outdated for learning the Concrete CMS version 9? If so, then is all I have to learn Concrete CMS is the documentation on the website?

Those books are for an old version of concreteCMS. They still contain much relevant information, especially for a beginner, but do not take them as gospel. Many things have changed.

The same applies to old videos on the YouTube channel and old posts in the legacy forums.

Thanks johntheFish, that is what I was afraid of, well I guess its read the documentation time. LOL

I still own all of those old concrete5 books. As irrelevant as they ever become, they will never leave my bookshelf :wink:


@jnbutler1815 Thanks for this suggestion. I did make a note internally to look at this for future.