ConcreteCMS Branding

Hey all, still surfing the new platforms between and .org. I’ve been with the community for about 12 years and sadly over the last few years I’ve been a bit out of the loop due to “real work.” Great news is the new branding to ConcreteCMS happens to roll out at the same time I’m diving back into site development and I’m totally excited for this new look and feel, and I can’t wait to learn all about ConcreteCMS version 9 as that rolls out as well.

With all that said, I did some looking but hadn’t found it yet. Is there a place we can download the new ConcreteCMS logos for marketing? We are displaying the old Concrete5 Community Leader logo on our site, and I would love to update it to the new logo.


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Not positive of there being a new Community Leader Logo yet, but here’s the new round of concrete CMS imagery!