ConcreteCMS:concrete5-8.5.6 install fails at Testing Environment

I have followed the guide Installing Concrete CMS and uploaded the CMS to a Plesk PHP host 7.4.23. I think the host is running Apache.

When I launch my domain for the first time I get through the language page and stall at Testing Environment with Required Items: Supports concrete5 request URLs error: concrete5 can not parse the path_info or orig_path_info information provided by your server.

I have seen a few old (2013) references in a Google search but do not understand how to correct my problem.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Try reading post: Cannot parse PATH_INFO or ORIG_PATH_INFO - concrete5

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Just to keep things neat:

For anyone else running into this when using Plesk, go into your PHP settings and change the open_basedir restriction to “none”

Confirming that I now have my Concrete5 website up and running.
Thanks for the help and pulling the PHP setting: open_basedir restriction to “none” out of archive.
I was not able to make the settings change myself and had to get my web host support to make the change.


I am also getting the problem with the Supports Concrete request URLs and can not move with the install.

im installing concrete 9 on a dedicated server with

iv even added .htaccess to the root folder but still getting no joy.

does any one know how to fix the problem.