ConcreteCMS MD5 Zip compression tool?

In order to investigate path issues I have with ConcreteCMS 9.2.0 installation I want to re-compress the extracted ZIP files.

I have tried Windows 11 ZIP and 7Zip and do not end up with the same zip file size or MD5 hash.

What tool and algorithm is used?


@Gordy7 I don’t know exactly but my hunch is just using the zip utility on Linux.

My host is using a Linux based Plesk server.

@Gordy7 So prior you were asking about the zip utility used. Are you mentioning your hosting environment regarding the path issues? Maybe you could give a bit more detail about the path issues you’re running into.

My investigation of the path issue was a bit of a misadventure.
My hosts Plesk ZIP extraction facility works fine now.
After help from my hosts admin/engineers who have given the appropriate R/W priviledges all is well and I now have ConcreteCMS 9.2.0 up and running and I am rebuilding my website.

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Awesome, good to hear!