Configuring Canonical URLs

I’m using Concrete Version 8.2.1 and trying to get my head around Canonical URLs (I’m not a web expert by any means). Google Search is not indexing my pages because of “Duplicate without user-selected canonical” on many pages. I tried to add the canonical url (e.g. as it’s in the conc8 subfolder) in the SEO URL and Redirections settings but it doesn’t seem to work. Do I also need to tick the “URL Redirection” box and why?

I put a canonical link reference in the Tracking code but this just sets the same canonical URL for every page. I know I must be making some simple mistake as I’m sure it can’t be that complicated. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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You can turn on canonical urls by selecting the last option at /dashboard/system/seo/urls

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Do I need to put the “/conc8” subdirectory in the URL?

I also have a few other domain names that permanently redirect to this site. Will these still work if I click the URL Redirection checkbox?

Thanks again.

honestly, being that it’s a subdirectory, I can’t comment on how it should work. You may or may not have an issue there. Hopefully someone can chime in with more specific info for you…

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Yeah I would recommend using a Subdomain rather than a subdirectory if you have to go that route. But like @enlil mentioned, it’s probably best not to run this from a subdirectory.

You should also update to the latest version of Concrete, or at least the latest version of v8 - otherwise you may be running into bugs that have since been fixed.