Confirm which version of PHP I'm using

Newby hosting question, I’m hosting with Bluehost and they are updating the version of PHP sites can run on. When I check through my Bluehost cpanel my Concrete5 v 8.5.5 site url says it is running php 7.3, but when I check the site in my concrete5 admin under System & Settings/Environment it says it is running PHP 5.6.40. This seems odd as this site is less than 2 years old? Would this be correct, and if so how do I update to a newer version of php for this concrete5 site?

Check your .htaccess file, my guess is that there’s a line in there that is specifically setting PHP5.6 for the site. You might need to just remove those lines.

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Or check the PHP.ini file

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This was the issue (it was added in the .htaccess file). The site was running on a legacy version of Concrete5 and I updated it to 8.5.5 and it was the root directory so I think I copied over the .htaccess file from the legacy site. Thanks for the help!