Connect a new site to community

Hi all c5 users
How can i connect a new site with the community- its a new way with this new concret5
i get the id and i get the info, but where i must copy this ??

I’ve used C5 for years to build my websites and it was always much easier than this in the past.
Siteground who host my websites have loaded C8.5.5 which comes with Elemental theme onto my new domain. I’ve bought a different theme and linked it to my newly created project in C5, but now I’m trying to connect this project to the website so I can install the theme I’ve bought. I’ve copied and pasted in the ID and Secret where asked but then it says I need to install 8.5.6+? If I go to “update C5” in my C5 Dashboard it says there are no updates available?!
How do I do an update that doesn’t seemingly exist in order to connect my website to the project in order to install my new theme? Thanks.
It doesn’t make sense.

Yea I have the same problem !!!
Can’t download and install new theme unless I can get this to work.

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Hi @PigironBob

I started my issue off as a new post and have received a solution that works. Here it is…

You will need to do a manual install. In your concrete account, find the theme in your Purchase History > Licenses and download. Make sure to scroll down to the most recent version before downloading.

Then copy the zip to your site /packages/ directory and unzip.
(not /concrete/packages !!!)

In your site, visit the Dashboard > Extend page and the theme package will be ready to install.

The only thing I had to do extra was when I unzipped the theme it created a file and a subfile with the same name and then unzipped the files into that subfile. I therefore just moved that subfile into Packages and overwrote the file of the same name and it worked OK.

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Recent browser changes have made it impossible for older versions of Concrete CMS to connect to the Concrete marketplace. To connect this site to the Community, you can do one of the following:

  • Upgrade to Concrete 8.5.6 or greater (forthcoming)
  • Run the following database queries (note below how to get the values for these queries):
insert into Config (configGroup, configItem, configValue) values ('concrete', 'marketplace.token', '<token>');

insert into Config (configGroup, configItem, configValue) values ('concrete', 'marketplace.url_token', '<url_token>');

If you want to run the database queries, you can get the values for <token> (ID) and <url_token> (Secret) by creating or viewing the project page for the site in the Projects section of your profile:

@Myq - I have a number of client sites that are running v. 5.6 and this is exactly the message I got trying to connect to the community after a recent switch to a new server. Eventually we will pose the question to them of upgrading their site to Concrete 8+, but at this time, we have to run the sites as they are.

I’m not all that up-to-speed on editing the database. Do you have or know where I can find more detailed instructions on running the database queries suggested here? Is this done through phpmyadmin?


If you have phpMyAdmin open it a select the db for the site (back it up before hand) then run the query using the SQL tab at the top


@JRick those queries will not work for sites running on 5.6, you can try adding the following lines to the config/site.php file

define('CONCRETECMS_ORG_URL', '');


@ConcreteOwl Thanks for the suggestion. That unfortunately didn’t work. When I click “Extend Concrete5” it gives me a warning about the base URL. I then click “Connect to the Community” and get a blank page.

@TMDesigns I’ll give it a try.

  1. Do I run each quirie separate, or can I run them together?
  2. As mentioned above with the values for the token and url_token, would I then replace the word token with the “ID” number and url_token the “Secret” number listed on the project page?

Can I ask why you are trying to connect a 5.6 site?

Because some of our clients haven’t upgraded their sites yet.

If you mean the C5 version then you can do this manually. I am also unsure if the packages for 5.6 still update.

@JRick the problem your clients face is that they cannot ‘Upgrade’ beyond
To move to a version 8 platform they will have to rebuild the site on the new platform.
The content migration addons can help in this regard but in my experience it is easier to rebuild a site using a local dev box running XAMP, MAMP, WAMP or some such other local hosting package and swap the files and database on the live server when the local version has been rebuilt.
The other problem is that the existing addons will not function on a version 8 site, so new version 8 compatible addons will be required.


  1. yes you can run them as a single query. It’s actually two. They will just be executed sequentially
  2. yes, that’s correct