Connect to community error/ Update 8.5.5 to 8.5.6

Having problems installing Concrete CMS?

Having issues connecting to the community. I get the error after I enter my ID and Secret that I can’t connect because I have version 8.5.5 and not 8.5.6. When I go to update concrete - no updates are available. I don’t know enough to run database queries, but if there is a step by step guide to running the queries for someone whos never done it before, or a way to update to 8.5.6 from 8.5.5 that would be most appreciated. Thanks for your helps!

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8.5.6 is not yet released. Hopefully we will hear something in the Town Hall September 2021 Town Hall

Ok that makes sense - do you happen to know how to add my ID and Secret thru a database query? It says to do this but its just not something that is in my wheel house:

I have not implemented that on any of my sites (I mostly keep sites disconnected to prevent un-managed updates - and update manually using Package Magic).

For general SQL you can use phpMyAdmin (available from most host cPanels). Then paste the SQL into a ‘SQL’ entry form.