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I get the following error trying to get addons /themes etc - “Error establishing connection to the concrete5 community. Please check that curl and other required libraries are enabled.”

Using V8. When I connect, using the private page link, and add the project, nothing happens?

Any ideas most welcome thanks

As it says in the message, your hosting needs to have curl installed.

Also, there were some minor point releases of v8 where the community connection was broken. You should be OK on 8.5.12

Many thanks Jonathon much appreciated - will check re Curl and the upgrade as well.

In v8 I wondered whether It was possible to fix and issue in V8
. The site I am concernd about is using an account that I set up that differs from the one in my website. How can I change the account information associated with my website so I can use the add-on I purchased?

Thank you

The connection codes are somewhere in the .php data files beneath /application/config. Removing the codes will enable you to reconnect to another site.

Alternatively, download the addon package from your account and do a manual install.

Thank you. Curl and upgrade to 8.5.12 done.

Error now is as follows, although I have added a new project and so on as instructed?

The URL of this site has not been registered as a valid location in the Concrete marketplace. Please sign in to the project page for this site and add the following URL as a site instance:

That is an issue for someone at Portland Labs. Hopefully @EvanCooper can help you. You will need to provide the name of your marketplace account and project.

@Bluefigment you can reach out to us here and we can help you troubleshoot. Thx.

thank you again :slight_smile: much appreciated John.

Thank you Evan. Much appreciated - Will reach out.

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