Contact Form email sending error

Using concrete 9.1.3 and using the default web host server email settings to send a content email from an online form throws up this error “Call to undefined function escapeshellarg()”.
I have tried sending the form content to an internal email address and also to an external email address mail Neither option works.
I have also tried to setup as the sender, but this fails without any error messages.
I know the form is sending data as i can view via reports on Dashboard.

Grateful for any pointers or help.

It sounds like your hosting provider might have the escapeshellarg PHP option turned off, can you check in your cPanel or ask them?

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Yes, you’re on the money with that answer. I checked with the host and it is truned off for security reasons. I’ve had a long job setting up smtp via gmail to work, getting different error messages and submitting them to host via support tickets. Got there in the end, forms work very well at the moment.
Thanks for your support.

Glad that resolved it for you @Ecmsms - would you mind hitting the solved button on @hutman’s response so he gets some sweet sweet karma? :slight_smile: Looks like so: