Hi there,
I have installed VERSION 9.2.1, an empty site with Atomik totally from scratch.
When I want to add a container from the ad menu (Blocks, Stacks, Clipboard, Container) , the droplist is empty, there are no container types to click on.
Can someone help?
Thank you,

If you want some content/container, you should install Concrete with the demo content (the “empty” starting point doesn’t come with containers)

you could try the ‘Container Magic’ add-on: Container Magic - Concrete CMS

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Thank you! Do you know if the same happens with the themes Modena and Framework?

Thank you! I ll check it out, although I was concern about things not working properly rather than having that particular asset.

I think you’ll find both ‘Modena’ and ‘Framework’ will not help with ‘containers’, but not sure.

Modena doesn’t provide any containers at present, though adding containers may be on @VidalThemes’ roadmap. Container Magic has been tested with Modena.

I don’t know about containers in Framework. However, it is bootstrap based, so Container Magic should work with it (and if it doesn’t, I will make whatever fixes are necessary)

Thank you @Steevb and @JohntheFish!

Is there a way to install an empty Atomik from scratch and then add the native containers feature without installing an extra block?

You may be able to install them from the Containers dashboard page.

I see, thank you John.
" It should match a template file that ends in .php" Is there a template list? How do I know the name of the handles?

You will need to dig through the core files for atomik

I found them here:

I am making a test with

So I go to the dashboard, I settle:
Name: Grid Four
Handle: grid_four.php

And I select the four row icon, but I get this error:
You must specify a valid handle for this container.
What I am missing?
Thanks again John.

Nevermind, I figured out that the handle name should be grid_four
Thank you !