Content Editor Failes 8.5.5

The content editor is not working, and I am no longer be able to edit my content. Here is a video recorded. Could any of you advice what can be done. I have similar content at which works, but not at Please note, sites are hosted at different countries.

I would say a JavaScript issue or a mod security issue. Have you checked the console for errors?

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The site is running jquery v1.11.3 and your site is running jquery v1.12.2
Are you sure they are both using the same version of concrete (8.5.5)
jquery v1.11.3 is used in concrete 8.3.x versions?

I confirm both versions are correct as mentioned. But, the time I installed it was beta version.

I took below screenshots that may jelp.

This is from

In that case you could carry out an upgrade to 8.5.7
OR you could replace the concrete folder with one from a newly downloaded 8.5.5 version

I can see all files are intact, and there cannot be accidental changes. I also changed PHP versions and did not not help. What is strange, I receive there is no update available message when I use dashboard to update. That is the reason, I do not like to force to update.

Automated update to 8.5.7 is not enabled. You will need to do so manually. The main reason for such an update is to ensure you have an intact core. As @ConcreteOwl suggests, downloading a fresh copy of 8.5.5 and replacing the /concrete folder of your site would be an alternative to updating.

Also asked previously, but not confirmed, have you any errors showing the browser developer console when the issues occur? As @TMDesigns initially noted, this would likely involve a JavaScript error and you would see such an error reported in your browser developer console.