Contribute to the theme v8 -> v9 upgrade guide

Hi all,

We have begun a v8->v9 theme upgrade guide here. This includes some of the main questions and stumbling blocks we have encountered or seen folks encountering in the community. Please have a look, bookmark it for your reference as you’re working on your themes and add-ons, and most importantly, if you have any other things you think would be helpful to add go ahead and post them as a reply to this thread! Thanks!


Access new Instances through the app container:
old: $app->make('helper/xyz', [$ui]);
new: $app->make('helper/mesch/user', ['ui' => $ui]); or $app->make('helper/mesch/user', compact(['ui']));

Support for the tools route has been removed:

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Requiring core assets the old way like: $this->requireAsset('core/sitemap'); will create a log entry, that the asset can not be found.
The new way is to implement the related feature interfaces.

I can not add more than 3 messages, without an answer of someone else. Therefor my last message comes here:

Using the tab helper like: $app->make('helper/concrete/ui')->tabs([]); needs following adjustments:

  • the container with the tab contents needs an additional CSS class tab-content
  • the tab contents need the additional CSS class tab-pane and the additional attribute role="tabpanel", the active tab needs the additional CSS class active
  • the item IDs in the initial $helper->tabs() call need to be prefixed with ccm-tab-content- (e.g. old: pane-general, new: ccm-tab-content-pane-general)

If you need to make these changes backward compatible with c5-8:

  • Add the prefixes only on c5-9 (3rd point)
  • All other changes do not interfer with c5-8
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Thanks @1stthomas! I will add these in.

All right I have added those in and gave you a shout out and a badge - thanks!

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