Create New Translation Team

Hello everyone,

I recently requested a new Translation Team, but the task is still open. Is anyone addressing these requests? We require a Swiss German version of the translation, which will be similar to German but with some small differences. Also the location service will work better afterwards. Therefore, if a copy could be provided in de_CH, it would be a good and suitable starting point.


Thank you very much for your assistance.

Hi @Lemonbrain,
I can help you with the Swiss German version of the translation.
Please let me know the version of your concrete5 site.

Looking forward to your response.


I think I missed the notification about that request, @Lemonbrain… sorry about that.

I’ve just approved your request (and promoted you as a coordinator of that translation group).

Hey Deep,

Your help is of course welcome, just request for coming in the group Teams :: Concrete CMS


Thanks a lot and no worries.