Creating a Hierarchical Strucutre with express

I want to create a set of pages which drill down from an initial list derived from the contents of an express custom template. I did have an article by Mark Dilkington from some time ago which touched on this - Express Details Block - concrete5 however this has been archived and the zip attachment is unavailable. I am working with version 9.1.3 so the best way of implementing this may have changed. The example that Mark used:

Teams list > Players list > Player details

typifies the structure I am looking for. So in this I would have the Teams List and want to click on, say, a specific Team Name to then go to a page displaying the Team List and then click on a Team Member’s Name to go to another page displaying their details. All of this to be built dynamically from express objects.
I have my top level list displayed in a page output from an express custom template but am at a loss how to move forward from there.

Why go to Express?

Why not just create the hierarchical structure as a tree of pages with your teams, members and details as a tree of pages. Members could either be pages or implemented as users with their details (attributes) shown in pages.

You would only need to implement a few custom templates for page lists and to show user attributes (if that).

Sorry, I just used the Team as an already used example of the structure I wanted.

My aim is actually for a gallery of images in various categories with the ability to sort them on various attributes. I already have something doing this after a fashion which was hand crafted years ago using PHP, SQL and HTML. This is very labour intensive not very pretty, totally unresponsive and looks like what it is – a fossil from the 90s.

I’m looking at around 200 objects being presented in various lists and clicking to present information about each image in the same way. I am hoping that express will give me the way to present and modify the various lists and thought that having just one template to display detail about items from the list’s information dynamically, possibly through an entry object identifying all the attributes for the item in question, would be neater and simpler - Every time a new item is added there is not need to create another display page, if a change is needed to the display I only need to change one template not two hundred pages.

@DL0rnie you might be able to use the topics attribute to create a hierarchy. You could even tie it to Express objects if you want. Or apply it to the files themselves.