Creating board 9.1.3

I dug through the documentation, and a few videos - but it’s probably just a mistake.
I don’t see a possibility to install the board on an empty Concrete 9.1.3 Php 8.1 installation.

Following the path that is described in the documentation ends at point 4. This is probably how it has been for a year looking around the forum.
Has anyone solved it?

Board templates should be created and installed in order to be able to use them with a board. These templates should be part of your theme.

For instance, Concrete’s Atomik theme contains one board template labeled “Blog”

If you’re into developing, here’s the relevant documentation: Board Templates :: Concrete CMS

Thank you for your response.
are you saying that in order to use the board I have to do some programming work?

Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer (that’s why my post is in this category), and I don’t really know how to use it, but I don’t think it should work like this - ConcreteCMS is supposed to be user-friendly in theory.

What I’m saying is in order to use a board you need a board template. A board template could be anything so it has to be built first. That requires either that your theme includes one board template or more like the core Atomik theme does. Or that you create them yourself.

Concrete is user friendly in the way it lets you use what exists. But it can’t make something out of nothing.

Ok, maybe I expressed myself imprecisely - this is Atomik without modifications, installed without any content* apart from changing the color, even in the structure it has these files, but for some reason the system does not see them.

I even installed the theme documentation files (I saw a talk somewhere that perhaps this is needed to unlock the board) it also behaves as if those files don’t exist.

So I’m a bit confused, am I doing something wrong or is it not working as it should?

*If we need to install the sample content first to access the board, that’s fine too, but it would be good to let us know before installing. For example (you won’t get a board, displaying cards - it’s also a blog, or other things until you program yourself.

I checked the installation code and yes, it seems it only installs boards and summary templates when you do a full installation. I agree it shouldn’t be like that.


Could you upload it to Github please? I’m sure you’ll know better how to describe this problem.

I posted an issue report in GitHub and linked to your 2 posts as examples.

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Is there any way to fix it now?

The easiest way would be to run a full installation of Atomik with content. Then batch delete all the pages and the files in the file manager and you’ll have a barebone Atomik with everything installed correctly

For subsequent installs, before it gets fixed, this is the obvious way to go, but at the moment we are talking about a new service with quite a lot of content - which I don’t want to rewrite.
Is there any way to fix this in this case?

Yes, but you’d need to be able to code it or hire someone to code it for you.

If you’d like to discuss that possibility, feel free to send me a Private Message here.

I appreciate your commitment and offer, but this is a charity project (it’s a supplementary school) and they don’t have money (that’s why we chose ConcreteCMS to avoid WordPress plugin stories - too bad ConcreteCMS doesn’t work as it should) and I’m doing this as a volunteer helper for free, but if you can’t help in the same way, that’s fine.

I will try to find out more from the people writing this CMS, maybe they will be able to help.

Hello ConcreteCMS team
@frz, @andrew, @EvanCooper, @Korvin I hope I haven’t missed anyone.
are you able to help me with this, and this problem?
Is it possible to solve it somehow without rewriting the service again?

Apparently it was fixed in the next version
Here’s my post in Github [v9] Better installation for Atomik · Issue #11146 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub

And here’s the fix

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