Empty page list (Blog Entry Grid)

Empty concrete 9.1.3 installation Php 8.1 Atomik. I cannot call the contents of the Page list block - what could be the reason?

Has anyone faced such a problem?

The pagination part seems to suggest you do have pages.
I see you’re using a custom Blog Entry List template. The problem is probably there somewhere.

It is an installation straight from the box, without any modifications.
It’s predefined in the theme, so why doesn’t it work?

ok this is a theory but it might be the explanation you need.

It seems that when installing Atomik without content, the boards and summary templates are not installed. And when we look at that Page List template you are trying to use the code for each page is looking for a summary template:

$renderer->renderSummaryForObject($page, 'blog_entry_card');

I think that’s why it’s not working, the summary template is not functioning properly.

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Thanks for the hint.
I understand that I should put this snippet somewhere, can you tell me where?

ps. Could you upload it to Github please? I’m sure you’ll know better how to describe this problem.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my explanation. You don’t have to put that snippet anywhere. It is the snippet that’s already in the Blog Entry Grid template you are using.

That snippet indicates the template uses summaries but since summaries are not installed properly your page list is showing nothing.

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I can see it already, I compared the files from the two installations and they look identical. Thanks for submitting it to Github.
I have a question though.
Is there any way to fix this now?

Hi, Has anyone found a way to install the boards and summary templates ? thanks.

The whole concept of boards is destined to be cleaned up, simplified and consolidated with containers in v10.

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This is very good news.