CURL and DOM Requirements

So… not sure if this should be here or in the general chat or installation category… In the system requirements it says we should have CURL and DOM PHP extensions. System Requirements for concrete5

My question is this. Are these both 100% necessary, or can a Concrete site operate without them? Looking to update a client’s site to Concrete and they are on Network Solutions shared hosting and NS just told me that they do not support CURL or DOM on their shared hosting.

Time to move the site to a new host.

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I’d agree with John here, best to find more appropriate hosting.

I’ve worked with sites on Network Solutions a few times, and I wasn’t left with a good impression, it felt very outdated.

We recommend either vanilla cPanel hosting, or a server you have full control over. is my go-to recommendation in the US these days.

@JohntheFish @mesuva, that is pretty much what I was thinking. Hopefully they can get some sort of a refund from Network Solutions since they just renewed hosting and SSL with them. It’s been a while since I dealt with Network Solutions and from what I’ve seen they haven’t made much for improvements in their services.

Thanks for the suggestion on hosting Ryan. We do actually run our own dedicated server for some clients, but I’ll certainly check out veerotech as an alternative.