Custom CSS - Are these bugs or design issues?


Perhaps I am doing something wrong but:

Does access to the custom CSS box have to be the lengthy route of clicks and scrolling that it is currently? Is there no way to permanently collapse all the sub-menus when in Design/Customise? Could we not have the ability to add a button for Custom CSS onto the top bar where the Edit and Design buttons are?

Also - if you make any colour changes to a theme and select ‘Whole site’ - it also applies any custom CSS from that page to whole site. Maybe a tick box preventing this happening?

I agree that CSS editing box is nested pretty deep, behind lots of clicks.
So much so, I built this: Theme Styling Tool - concrete5
The video should give you a good overview.
Any time we are working on a site with a pre-built theme we use it instead of the built-in controls.

I’m considering putting this on github as MIT as well, it’s one of those add-ons where it’s nice to get occasionally a few dollar for it, but I’m just happy for it to be used.
So if you’re on a tight budget or doing non-profit work, feel free to message and I’ll drop you some licences.

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Exactly what I need! Many thanks!

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I have the same problem, I ended up solving it by adding an html block and it contains the style and css. I can add it to a page for local styles, and to a header for site wide. This works nicely on my 8.5.6 site but not at all on my 8.5.5 which gives an error when trying to add an html block anywhere. I should upgrade my 8.5.5 to 8.5.6 but a community marketplace bug prevents me.