Custom Preset Layout Permission Issue

I am having trouble with permissions on Custom Layout Presets. Our “editor” user cannot apply a Custom Layout Preset to a page. This results in an “Access Denied” error. A regular Bootstrap layout can be applied just fine. I do see where I can apply “Manage Layout Presets” permissions from “System & Settings > Permissions & Access > Task Permissions”, but I would like to only allow a User to use the Custom Layout Presets and not create or manage the presets. Is this possible?


It seems strange that they’re getting an access denied error. when you do apply the manage layout presets permission, are they able to see it then? I’m just wondering if it’s not related to that permission.

Also curious what version of Concrete you’re on. You may want to make sure they’re not trying to apply a layout preset inside another layout preset, because that can cause problems.