Custom styling a News page template

I’m trying to custom-style the news_article.php file of the News Module addon and it appears I can’t overcome the theme styling in the Framework theme. Am I going about this from the wrong direction? Can you point me to a tutorial or something that shows how to override template styling?

Thanks in advance!
Steve / Pixelfixer

Hi @Pixelfixer - can you point me to the News Module addon you’re working on? Just want to make sure I’m looking at the right thing. Thanks!

Hi Evan,

Sorry for the late reply - here’s the link to it:

Got it - so without diving into the addon, I imagine your options would be to:

  • Override the package’s CSS file

  • Put more specific styles in your own CSS file that would overrule the existing styles (like body { display: none !IMPORTANT; } or something like that - adding important, or making the style include more selectors in the declaration to make it more “specific” and thereby taking precedence over the other styles.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the suggestion,