Customising & Cloning Templates

I have a very basic question, sorry I am an amateur so please excuse my ignorance.

Using the per-installed customising possibilities with the Atomik template I can get all the things I want my future website to do and look like. I have created a new skin which is saved in the concrete application/files/presets folder.

My question is what happens in the future if I want to upgrade the concrete cms system?

Will my atomik theme with its new skin be affected.

I have tried the suggestions in the concrete documentation " How to clone and customize Atomik theme" this guide tells me to move the theme to application/themes folder.

I have also tried **[atomik_theme_clone] from David Dew which is on Github. the documentation tell me to install the theme in the Concrete CMS packages folder.

So which the best and most simple way to do this so that the changes to the Atomik theme will be saved during any future upgrade ?

I am sorry if this is naive question, but none of the documentation tells me what happens in a future upgrade.

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@alaneku Anything in the /application folder is safe from core upgrades, as are Packages. If you want to make modifications to the core, you would do it in the application folder, where it wont be affected by core upgrades. Most times this /application code can also be “packaged” for use on multiple sites. The choice is yours!!