Dashboard pages broken

My site is in 9.1.3, php ver 8.0, and a bunch of dashboard pages are failing like this one:

<?php defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die('Access Denied.'); ?>
 <h3><?=t('Installed Themes')?></h3>
 <?php if (count($tArray)) { ?>

Undefined variable $tArray.

I have been battling hackers on my server and maybe some Concrete files got scratched in the melee. I’ve won the battle or just about to, and I’d like to refresh my install. Is there any way to install 9.1.3 on top of itself and overwrite everything to make a fresh install?

maybe you could simply do a
rsync -az
of the directory /concrete from an “official” 9.1.3 to your local install corresponding directory?
then you shoud maybe clean cache
otherwise you may redo a complete install (backup first the DB)

I would just rename the /concrete folder to something like /concreteBROKEN and drop the /concrete folder from a pristine .zip of 9.1.3 into your site.

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I refreshed the concrete directory and many positive things happened. My site went back to looking like it’s supposed to, it’s again editable without errors, and I haven’t had an intrusion since. I have been using find, grep and xargs to detect bad activity and I think there was something there that I was still unaware of. Refreshing the concrete folder from a secure backup is now one of my regular techniques. Thanks very much.