/dashboard/system/environment/proxy doesn't seem to do anything

i just entered the proxy settings and the credentials into /dashboard/system/environment/proxy/ but it seems that curl isn’t using them.
i cannot install languages or updates here in the intranet.
any ideas what went wrong?

Are you using curl functions directly?
If so, the proxy settings you set in Concrete won’t be used.

In order to use them, you should use the Concrete HTTP Client.

No, I just want Concrete to download languages or the welcome screen to display its content.

oh, when I chance the settings to something wrong (remove http:// from the Host Field) I get this error:
cURL error 5: Unsupported proxy syntax in ‘//XXX:XXX@’ (see curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html))

So it seems that it’s trying to use the proxy?