Date field in forms not formatted to locale settings

I have an issue with the date field in forms in v9.2.8. It is using the US dd-mm-yyyy instead of the UK format dd-mm-yyyy. My locale and language settings are correct and dates are correctly formated everywhere else. It appears to have changed in v9.2.2 when it was changed to HTML5 instead of jQuery UI date picker. I have a web site that needs to go live but can’t while the date format is wrong.
Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated.


I thought native HTML5 date pickers adopted whatever format the browser/OS expects.

In other words, it comes down to who is viewing the field and how their computer is configured, rather than it being specified by the website.

So maybe it’s still showing the US format to you, but to others it’ll appear correct?

My browser and PC are set to UK format but is still showing US date in date picker. I use Firefox but have just checked in Edge and it is UK format.
I should have checked other browsers first :frowning: