Date format

I’m using C5 8.5.6
On the legacy form the date picker displays the chosen date as mm/dd/yyyy
I’ve search but can’t see how to change this to dd/mm/yyyy?

Hi, it might take a bit longer for a response in our forums, it’s a holiday in the US. I’ll take a look at this Tuesday. Thank you!

Thanks. Have you thought of any solutions? I’m using Fundamental theme, Legacy Form block. Thanks.

OK now I’ve had some form submissions I get a different format in the email - yyyy /mm/dd?! I appreciate that different regions have different customs on date format, but it would be great to be able to choose one format and for it to be shown consistently,
Any ideas on this? It can’t be that difficult to change but I don’t know where. Thanks.

Actually I am on v9 and it’s the same issue on some pages even though it’s set to dd/mm/yy in the config. Maybe a patch is required? Definitely the forms page uses the american format when I have selected australian format. So bad I went to a date field as text. The attribute on the members also the same I think.

@RogerM the date picker date format comes from the site’s locale. If you have never changed the site’s default locale before, it will be U.S. English:

And the date format will be mm/dd/yyyy as used in U.S.A.:
Screenshot from 2022-06-09 14-54-14

However if you change the default locale to U.K. English in System & Settings > Multilingual > Multilingual Setup like this:

Then the date format will change to match the locale:
Screenshot from 2022-06-09 14-56-11

Thank you - seems to work - great :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. It’s easy when you know where to look! I couldn’t see it for looking before…


Was going to edit the OP to say this has been sorted but there’s no edit button to enable me to amend the title and add [sorted]…

@RogerM the forums equivalent of ‘Sorted’ is to mark the correct answer as a ‘Solution’