Defaults fonts


I’m very new to concrete :-(.

I used the “create web site with mokup” or similar name and got a pretty nice web site after two working days :-).

I have now a question: is it possible to have more than the one default font I see now easily (other than importing free fonts)?

I may add fonts on an other step but it may be not necessary


my present site is:

Site Artdagio

Hello. Did you notice that Concrete themes also included skins? You could create a skin for your theme and include the font you want. I don’t know if that’s what you had in mind though.
Bon courage.

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sorry for the late answer, but I don’t receive notifications (don’t know why).
What are “skins” in the concrete context? Are there in the “Atomik” theme? How can I know?
I installed concrete through cpanel, so I have little knowledge of the files content (but I can lurk them :-))

So a skin is a variation on the same theme. Say for instance with a different color scheme.

When logged in to your website, on a frontend page, click the little cog icon on the left side of the top toolbar. A menu opens on the left. Click on “Design”, second option from the top.

At the bottom you’ll see a dropdown for the theme and one for the skin. Atomik comes with a default skin and another one called “rustic elegance”