Deleting or moving aliases

If I delete an alias I get the error message “Attempt to read property “cvDatePublic” on null” but nevertheless the alias was deleted. So this is not a real problem but quite anoying.

If I want to move a page which has aliases as subpages I get a timeout message after approximately one minute. Again the page and the aliases were moved nevertheless. When I visit the moved page I get a workflow message “this page has been scheduled to be moved blah…”.
So I have to open the database and delete this obsolete workflow entries. This is a real problem and very anoying.
Is there any solution for this bugs?

Thank you!

concrete version 9.1.2
PHP Version 8.1.21

The best way to find out is to submit a new issue on GitHub. GitHub - concretecms/concretecms: Official repository for Concrete CMS development

So it seems I am the only one who is moving aliases. :grinning: