Developer - and ADDONs have vanished from market place?

Hi their … I purchased and set-up and listing system for Products -
Product Catalog Listing

And this seems to have disappeared? both the profile and ADDONs are no longer their? Please advise as this is running on a live site?
linuxoid - User is no more? What should I do? - I guess I will need to move it to a new system? Which will have to be done at my cost?

Please advise?

Explained at Updated policies given world events.. Specifically item (3)

Just to be clear, you’re welcome to continue using that add-on. You’re also welcome to hire freelancers from the forums to extend it to meet your needs.
None of the add-ons today are sold as ongoing subscriptions, so while some developers are generous enough to roll out improvements over time at no additional cost, it’s not really part of the base commitment.

tl:dr> you should be able to continue to use what you have and plenty of people here should be able to help you with it.

Hi My issue is, their is no alternative to this addon now available, And some of the features don’t work? So I have paid for the addon which doesn’t work as sold and now have no support…

Never mind… I guess the alternative is to build by own addon or find a new one to take its place.

I was hoping the Directory Addon which isn’t compatible - Might even be included in the core update, as its a Basic feature, as it allows for a dashboard style management of pages and attributes which can be modified to solve most website requirements for displaying custom data sets.

I have always used the latest versions of concrete5 and they have improved a number of things over the years… But I will say that without better addon support for V9 - I am finding it very Difficult to Move old sites to V9 and to set-up new sites as the support and addons available just are not good enough. Their is no Cookie system? No GDPR System ? Even Image Gallery support is limited, And no Upgrade options, I run and Maintain 10+ large websites which I simple can’t update anymore. Without a complete rebuild in V9 which the clients wont want to pay for.

I also think that the Documentations on the new features (which do look nice) is very limited and not very good. Like works out the boards - and Content sections which i like the idea off… So as to not need so many page templates, but I can’t get these features to work my self and the new theme layouts are not simple.

Thanks Anyways.