Developing local on my computer

Hi C5,

I wish to do some major changes on my website maartenweb.
But I wish to accomplish this local on my computer.
So, I am looking for a user friendly program with which I can do this.
With the possibility to backup and restore gradually, just like on the hosting website.
And mirroring the environment of a host.
can you help me out of this?
Thank you

Hi Stedereu,

You can use Xampp or Mamp (don’t know which is better) to run you website on your local machine.

There is no single friendly program which does the lot. But these may help a lot:

  • Apache, PHP, MySql (LAMP for Linux, WAMP for Windows)
  • PhpStorm, Notepad++, Kdevelop, Kwrite - any code editor with highlighting
  • phpMyAdmin
  • FileZilla
  • git, SVN, 7zip, luckyBackup

… depending on you’re on Linux or Windows

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I’ve used Wamp ( in the past on windows to develop Concrete5 sites on my local machine.

It packages together Apache, MySQL and PHP and can be extended as needed

I had mamp already installed on my computer.
But I receive a long list of errors.
I suppose it must be a setting somewhere of Mamp
Because the website works on my hosting company.

That usually means that the database server is not running.

As for how to set it running in mamp, someone else will need to help. I don’t use a mac.

I use the following and have used MAMP for years without issue.
MAMP version 6.5 with Apache server and PHP 7.4.21
Mac M1.
Coda2 for coding/developing locally and syncing local with remote site files (no need for a separate file transfer program).
How have you set up your MAMP app?

ok thank you for your reply,

I do not see exactly how it all works.
I did create a host in Mamp pro with the name of my website.
And connect this to the files of this website on my harddisk.
I also did import the database in phpmyadmin.
and create a user in phpmyadmin with the correct security data,
Like there is the password…
And also connect the database to this hostname in mamp pro.

what i don’t see is the relation between the user created in phpadmin
And the files in mamp pro. how do mamp pro knows the secure data created in phpmy admin?
In fact It seems a complex situation and I feels a little confused.


If you are on PC Laragon is much better then Mamp Pro in my opinion for local development. Also you can use virtual boxes like Docker and run a self contained PHP environment.

I’m actually training a clients development staff on this very topic. Let me know if you are interested.

Do you help with setting up a C5 site locally with MAMP?

About Laragon: I won’t use a closed source project provided for free by a single person

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