Developing my own theme

Hello, i want to develop my own Theme and used your guide here:

Everything went fine till the theme.xml as explained here:

The theme.xml makes an php error when i install my Theme

Sorry my english is not the best, and i am an old hobby programmer that learned years ago c++ ,php, html css, javascript. But i think it is enough to develop a theme with concrete5. I like the concept and the easy way to transform free templates to concrete5, cool concept.

Did you have a hint for me, whats wrong with xml file? I did compare with other theme xml from other Themes, but is see no error.

Thanks for help and infos.


The error message suggests the xml contains text containing quotation marks that are not escaped or maybe simply text that is not quoted.

There are some online XML checker utilities that may provide more accurate location of the cause.

Thank you. I checked it on XML Validator

The quotes weren’t right, and so small that I couldn’t correctly identify the wrong ones. I need glasses, not good when you get old. hehe.

Copying between my Virtualbox Tunrkey Concrete5 image and my browser probably also causes errors.


As an aside, a good starting point for a theme development is Elemental Cloner. Elemental Cloner - concrete5