Dialog on concrete 9.2

Question about dialog creation, been struggling for a couple hours and am missing something I think is simple but struggling with. I’m trying to popup a dialog from a link in a block view.

The error i’m getting is: “\Concrete\Package\RavidPropertyEvaluator\Controller\ViewLocation” does not exist

My block view has all links location links calling dialog like this:
var locationId=$(this).attr(‘locationId’);
title:‘View Location’,

i have a route registering in the onstart event like so:


I have a file at package\ravid_property\evaluator\controllers\view_location.php

namespace Concrete\Package\RavidPropertyEvaluator\Controller\ViewLocation;
//use \Concrete\Controller\Backend\UserInterface as BackendInterfaceController;
use Concrete\Core\Controller\Controller AS BaseController;

//class ViewLocationDialog extends BackendInterfaceController{
class ViewLocation extends BaseController {
protected $viewPath= ‘/dialogs/view_location.php’;

public function view(){


Any thoughts ? I feel like it’s probably a namespace issue somehow but i’m stuck.