Diffs between 8.5.6 from concretecms.org and github

You can download Concrete 8.5.6 from concretecms.org and GitHub, but these are different.


I show you all diffs between them. I think the zip archive from GitHub is the correct build, and one from concretecms.org is an incorrect build.

PS. Of course, zip archive on github doesn’t have vendor directory.

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Does anybody have an update about this?

Opps. We are facing another issue… we have to stop upgrading to 8.5.6

We made our own package internally until PortlandLabs comes up with official package.

I’m waiting for your plan for 16 days. Any updates? Do you replace the zip archive on concretecms.org? Or release 8.5.7 or

Wow, did you change the position of 8.5.6 tag?

@Myq told me upcoming 8.5.7 will include these missing fixes.
I think the core team should update 8.5.6 release note to remove mention of bug fixes that actually not contained in the 8.5.6 package.

@Myq When will 8.5.7 be released?

@hissy I think Andrew is planning on releasing 8.5.6 soon (within days). He may mention it in the town hall tomorrow.