8.5.6 early release bug broke guzzle dependency

We realized that some add-on and code which is depended to use guzzle dependency is broken on 8.5.6

S3 Storage add-on and our Google Analytics’ Popular Pages add-on stopped working.

We recommend not to upgrade the Concrete until the further due.

(Thx @deek87 for investigating this issue)

A little related to this (this is not dependency issue… but want to fix this as well)

What? Please don’t recommend against upgrading unless there’s really some systemic issue.

I haven’t seen anything posted about this on GitHub. Is there a bug report for this? What exactly is the issue here?


Yeah, sorry… i shouldn’t have said to discourage upgrade.
I will look into it and will send a GitHub issues.

I just want to warn people there may be an issues with any add-ons which uses guzzle libraries which will cause the conflict.

OK. Some add-ons which uses guzzle dependency and include the library could cause the issue.

Ideally, the add-on itself should update the add-on for this issue.

Sorry about that.