Disabling a native block template

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to find out how to disable a native block template. For example, the “page_list” block comes with the “basic_list” template, but I don’t want to use this template on my client’s project because it’s not relevant.

In your opinion, what is the best way to disable this template? What would be the best practice? I couldn’t find the information in the official documentation…

Thank you in advance!!!

A simple hack would be to override it with another template of the same name. Then either use the override to display a message ‘Don’t use me!’ , or $this->inc() a template they should be using (so they are kind of redirected).

Thanks a lot, @JohntheFish, for your answers! I’ll be digging deeper… I wish there was a way to completely hide the template in the dropdown menu.

@6tematik that makes sense, you don’t want to leave banana peels around for your client to slip on. I think that would make a good feature request if you want to submit one. :+1:

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