Display Social Links attribute in custom Express Entry List view

I’m creating a custom view for the Express Entry List. The output from the “Social Links” attribute is a return delimited list. When using the default view.php file the social icons with links are displayed nicely.

How is this done? Which method is utilized?

Is this the view.php you were referring to? Does that answer your question? https://github.com/concretecms/concretecms/blob/9.2.x/concrete/blocks/social_links/view.php

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the question.

Thanks Evan. It’s actually the view.php file in “Express Entry List” block.

I created an Express Object for team members including things like name, title, photo, short bio, and social links (which is an attribute). The default view.php file renders the social links with the linked icons.

I’ve created a custom view.php file for the team members page and have it formatted the way I want. However echoing the “Social Links” returns the links as a return delimited list.

Currently I’m using a function to read the list and return the appropriate icon(s). But I know that’s a hack at best.

Hope that makes more sense.