Doctrine Express Object Error after Database migrate (Could not convert database value to 'object')

Concrete5 Version: 9.1.2
PHP Version: 8.1.0

After exporting my database from another server and importing into my local development build I receive this error:

Could not convert database value to 'object' as an error was triggered by the unserialization: 'Optional parameter $pageLength declared before required parameter $filterHandles is implicitly treated as a required parameter'

Played around with export settings in phpMyAdmin (this is the only method I have available for export) and it always seems to break after import.

Any ideas?


hi @lgtlee - are you able to get the full stack trace of the error by turning on the debug mode settings? it would be helpful to see where this error is being thrown.

Are you moving from php7 to php8?

Just had to chance to revist this, turns out it was an error in a custom class I had created. No idea why it was being called when the error occurred but now is all fine.