Document Library Duplicate Files

I am relatively new to concrete5 and am having some issues with getting the Document Library block to work the way I think it should.

Every time I add a new copy of an existing document in the Document Library I get another copy rather than the new version installed over the top.

When I check the file properties of each file that it duplicates:
file 1 - 25 (Version 1)
file 2 - 82 (Version 1)

This would indicate to me that the Document Library should be able to handle versioning.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


When you upload a file in the File Manager, it treats every upload separately, even if it’s a file you’ve already uploaded with the same filename. This is intentional, and a good thing - you don’t accidentally overwrite files.

What it sounds like what you’re wanting to do is replace the existing file with a new one. To do that, find your existing file in the file manager, right click on it and pick Replace. Then upload that way. Concrete will retain both version of your file (and you can roll back if you need), but in something like the Document Library or File block it’ll link to the most recent version for that file. The link to the file will remain the same, but it will point to the new file when visited.

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