Documentation contains deprecated code

Starting to look at my code in order to optimize and clean up deprecated code. As part of the process I was looking for good examples of clean code.
In the documentation the code example for working with multiple databases:
still uses deprecated code.
Can anyone suggest a good example of a controller using multiple database that I might use as an example of best practices?
Thank you

The config in the existing docs is correct. To connect:

$db = $app->make('database')->connection(); 
$db_connection_handle = $app->make('database')->connection('connection_handle');

The documentation link is in the documentation under creating a new block. Thanks for pointing me to the other reference in the framework section of the documentation. The specific mistake in the first page is using:

$db = Loader::db(); instead of $db = Database::connection();

@dgreer feel free to click on the Edit link at the top of the page with the problem and submit a proposed correction. Thanks in advance!