Documentation edition issues

I recently updated some docs and I noticed two problems:

  1. the preview when writing doesn’t work. It throws a 505 error
  2. for some reason when I put something in bold using the double stars it doesn’t work.

For instance, I edited Andrew’s latest tutorial with this sentence :

**In v9 the 'minify' and the 'combine' options were removed. **

When writing, it clearly shows the text in green meaning it should be bold. Once published it just displays the double stars and doesn’t get bolded. But in the same tutorial, everything Andrew marked as bold is displayed correctly. I edited another page and had the same problem. The sentence was:

Both the **combine** and the **minify** options were **removed in Concrete CMS v9**.

The 2 pages are:

@mnakalay I think the preview problem is probably caused by some changes to some security settings. I’ll get someone to investigate.

The formatting issue is caused by spaces (in the first example) between the text and the asterisks. I’ve removed the space and it displays correctly.

In the second example, apparently the PHP Markdown parser doesn’t parse Markdown within HTML entities, so you need to use HTML tags within that div. I’ve fixed that as well by changing to <strong> tags and it seems to work fine.

It certainly would be nice if the front-end Markdown parser was in parity with the back-end Markdown parser so that the syntax highlighting actually represented the rendered view. I’ll make a ticket for that to see if it can be improved.

Thank you @Myq
This is finicky as hell…

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