Documentation improvement, Express Entry ID explanation slight detail

This is regarding this page : Creating, Reading, Searching, Updating and Deleting Express Entries :: Concrete CMS

At the part:

Getting an Entry By Its ID
Need to retrieve an entry by its ID? It's simple:

$student = Express::getEntry(1);

It is unclear that this is a global ID, as in that all Express Entries on the entire website are in a global ID list.

When I originally read this, I thought the IDs were the ID for that Express Object (as in, the “row number” for the “table”, table as in an Express Object). But @Parasek has advised this is actually a global list.

My recommendation would be to update this (and maybe other parts?) so that this aspect was explicitly (not implicitly) spelled out. This “missing aspect” lead me to wonder how exactly the “Express::getEntry(#)” function was able to determine which Express Object to get the Entry from.

I think this improvement in the documentation would avoid future confusion.


Hi @BloodyIron - that sounds good - there should be editing capability for you when you’re logged into the documentation site, so if you can make that edit and submit it we can review it and get it live:


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Are you sure that I’m the person appropriate for it? I ask since I’m not sure if I 100% know the nature of this detail, and I’m a touch concerned I may misrepresent it.

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I reckon give it a go - you’re experienced with Concrete, and you dig into lots of programatic topics.

I was doing some work with Express last week myself (which I admit I’ve done much with), and was kind of surprised when I realised all/any express entries are fetched through the same call, you don’t have to think about the type at all.

But upon reflection, I realised it’s actually the same kind of logic like when you fetch a page and you consider page types - you fetch all pages the same way, with a unique ID, but get back pages of different page types. So Express is sort of the same way, each entry is just an ‘Express’ entry, but you can end up with different types.

So perhaps an extra sentence along the lines of what you’ve suggested would be useful in the docs for an extra bit of understanding:

“All Express Entries on a site have unique IDs and are fetched the same way regardless of what type Express Object they are.”

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Go for it! We will review it before it goes live (that’s standard for all edit submissions) just to double check but I think you’ve got it.

It just occurred to me… how exactly does this aspect behave for v9 when doing multi-site?

I’m still rocking 8.5.x stuff, and haven’t even tried v9 yet. So I can’t even speculate on the behaviour.

What is known on this aspect?