Documentation recommendation - MagnificPopup details

Hey Folks,

I am still teh n00b to PHP/CSS/JS and I have been struggling getting magnificPopup working. I have FINALLY got it working enough that works for me.

I think that it would be helpful and worthwhile for the Concrete CMS documentation to explain what aspects of the magnificPopup are included in the included assets section. Namely, from what I can tell, the features listed here : GitHub - cdowdy/concrete5-Magnific-Popup: Dmitry Semenov's Magnific Popup packaged up into concrete5 add on block package

As a neophyte I did not know that a good number of magnificPopup features that I see presented online were not included in Concrete by default. So having this explicitly declared in documentation “these are the included functions, other functions are not included, you will need to extend this yourself” (or something to that effect) would have been beneficial to me.

I mean, I don’t even know if I’m right, but I THINK these are the included mangificPopup features by default (if you invoke the js file that ships with Concrete CMS):

  • Single Image Lightbox
  • Zoom Image Lightbox
  • Gallery Image Lightbox
  • Video and Map Lightbox w/optional youtube or vimeo thumbnail
  • Dialog Lightbox with CSS animations
  • Modal Lightbox

Anyways. Just wanted to pass along feedback of my experience trying to wrap my brain around a light-pole and get this operational. It has been very hard for this newb :frowning:

Is that add-on compatible with modern Concrete CMS? Looking at the screenshots in the link you provided, it looks like it’s for legacy concrete5 which has been end of life for a number of years.

However, if you feel that information might still be useful to others, you could always write up your findings as a tutorial here:

Even if you just have some basic ideas to share, the tutorials are essentially wikis, so someone might read it and add further info to help fill in the gaps or clarify.