Domain alias

I recently set up an alias domain to my main website. All worked fine until about a week later. The alias began to show within the main website pages even when coming from the main website initially. I regisitered this alias domain with my web host and made it an alias to my main website through them. Was there something else that needed to be done in Concrete5? This proved troublesome preventing me to get to me to work with my website. I ended up forwarding the alias domain name to the main site, which solved everything. What an ordeal …

Hi @Pamrights2
Here’s a couple troubleshooting steps.

  1. Double check the DNS with the host make sure there is only one alias/cname set up. if you create a cname for both records, It will return both records to the user, creating an inconsistent and incorrect experience.

  2. If that all looks correct, set a canonical URL in the CMS to ensure that your site is only viewable by the domains you expect. you can read more about it in our documentation found here.

Well, there are no cname records for the alias I set up with the host. There were two A records (the alias domain is, one listed and the other Now I did trigger the domain forwarding with the host, which did the trick. Although, it tells me I am to use some different nameservers than I am. But I am not going to change that as there is no actual website for this. Not sure if I need to set up the canonical Url as its working as it should, all going to the main site, harrietcliffordarticlesandstories2 and pages.

So, after looking at the documentation, it appears I should list this main domain home page there. Now for the SSL url, I do have this done with the host. Should that be added as well, here–with the same url as the canonical??