Download 403

trying to download my theme. Im logged in but I get a 403

@tallacman which theme? Where are you trying to download it from?

Agora but it does the same for my add on blocks too.

Where are you trying to download it from? Can you provide more steps to reproduce the issue? From within a Concrete site that has an assigned license? Or from within your developer view of the listing? Can you provide the actual link you are using (DM me if it’s private)

I go to my theme, Foxybox > timeline and I click the download button. Then I get the 403

@tallacman, thanks for the details. I was able to reproduce the bug. I’ll get it in the queue to be fixed.

I have the same error with my add-ons. Click one get a 403!

Another issue for me is that I do get any updates from the forum posts?
I have visit a few times a day to see what rereplies I get?

Also seems I cannot mention this in any other posts??

@Steevb your email notifications are set to “never”. You can change them here.

Ok, Changed. Didn’t know I had too!